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Poltex Sp.Jawna

ul. W.Witosa 5, 58-100 Świdnica
tel/fax +48 74 640 90 90


Our current equipment includes:

delivery truckswith a load capacity of 1.5t, for 5-10 europallets - equipped with navigation, safety belts, protective clothes etc, possibility of loading from the back/side, sample size: 2.2x2.3x4.3, 2.2x2.2x4.85, 2.1x2.1x4.4, 2.2x2.3x4.3 (width / height / length)
delivery trucks3,5 tons
heavy wheeled vehicles6 tons, 12 tons - varied in length 5.2 m, 6 m, 7,1 m, 8m, 9 m
standard vehicles 24twith a length of 13.6 m, a cubic capacity of 90 m3 and a load capacity of max. 24 t
cool trailers
tippera cubic capacity 40-42 m3, national transport
containersenclosed box body, loading from the back, sample size: 7.1m x 2.5m x 2.5m (4.95m x 2.35m x 2.45m)

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